Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills

How do you manage time?

In this short article we’ll explore how managing time is an important management skill. Whatever your job title or position, time is the one thing we each have in equal amounts.

But as managers we are employed to take purposeful action. This means completing goals efficiently and effectively. It means prioritising value-adding tasks and removing time-wasters if we are to be successful in managing our time effectively,  

The Two Essentials of Managing Time

Number 1: Do what matters most

Your time is precious. Where are you choosing to focus it? Do what matters most and prioritise your tasks to achieve the greatest value. Use the important and urgent matrix to prioritise effectively and identify actions with the most payback. This is how you’ll remove many of the recurring problems which cause you stress and anxiety. So become more effective by doing what matters most.

Number 2: Remove unnecessary tasks

When we fail to invest our time in important activities, we can find ourselves repeating the same minor tasks again and again. It may feel like treading water. By failing to think strategically we risk spending our energy on time-wasting activities. To be more efficient we should seek to change how we work.

Managing your time well means being both effective and efficient.  Successful time management will improve your productivity, reduce stress and promote continuous improvement. Becoming a successful manager means effectively managing your time.

Inhouse training in time management is available for teams of 4 – 12 employees.

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