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Line Management Skills You Will Develop

This line management training course teaches five essential managerial skills including delegation, delivering feedback, handling courageous conversations, and choosing appropriate management styles for each team member. Whether you’re a new or current manager looking to develop your skills, this basic management course is for you.

Trainer: Remote + SkillsPx

Learners: 2 – 12 Managers

Delivery: Zoom + SkillsPx

What will be covered in Line Management?

This training program will equip your managers with essential knowledge in first-line management, empowering them to gain a deeper understanding of:

  • Their preferred and alternative management styles.
  • How to transition from being a team-member to a new manager.
  • Ways to effectively manage common management scenarios.
  • Handling difficult conversations at work.
  • How to delegate tasks to improve employee motivation.
  • How to provide team members with feedback.

Course Outcomes: What You’ll Learn

After completing this course on basic management skills, first-line managers will have the explored:

  • Understanding and embracing the role of a manager
  • Overcoming common management challenges
  • Handling difficult conversations with team members
  • Delegating tasks to employees using structured methods to enhance team productivity
  • Giving feedback constructively
  • Communicating effectively with the team.
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Line Management Training : How You Will Learn

Introduction: The Role of a Line Manager

  • Summarise online learning
  • Receive questions
  • Set the agenda for the day
  • Explore your default management style

Activity: Choosing A Suitable Management Style

Embark on “Celestial Shape Shifters,” a module focused on the exploration of diverse management styles. This journey delves into situational line management and reveals insights into various approaches to management. Learn about the four main management styles, understanding their strengths and challenges. Reflect on how your own management style aligns with, and can be adapted to, the needs of your team.

Managers evaluate the skills and motivation of each employee to determine the most suitable management style. They should also create a brief plan to help develop their employees. Adapting management styles may be uncomfortable for managers, but it is necessary for improving employee performance.

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Delegation Activity: Origami

line manager learning how to delegate

Explore the “Origami Kingdom,” a module designed to uncover the secrets of effective delegation through the art of origami. Gain insight into the mastery of origami folding as it parallels the development of delegation skills. Understand the significance of delegation strategies and the role of teamwork in alleviating pressure.

Develop a foundation in good practices essential for successful delegation. Address challenges related to task assignment and the establishment of clear expectations. Engage in reflective journalling within a stress-free zone to deepen your understanding of delegation principles.

The training session focuses on delegation practices for managers. It covers effective delegation techniques and common mistakes to avoid. Managers work together in teams to come up with a solid delegation strategy, recognise potential obstacles, and work on a practical scenario.

Activity: Courageous Conversations

Engage in an immersive role-playing scenario titled “Breaking News,” designed to guide you through challenges and real-life simulations. This scenario aims to enhance your ability to identify and overcome barriers to effective feedback communication. Participants are expected to report their findings to their mentor and apply the lessons learned in real-world situations.

Key objectives include identifying essential components and common errors in feedback delivery. You will acquire practical skills in giving feedback and recognising potential challenges. Finally, apply these feedback skills in realistic workplace scenarios and report your findings.

line manager having a difficult conversation with an employee

Managers participate in a group exercise aimed at boosting their confidence in handling challenging discussions with employees. The exercise focuses on developing effective techniques for starting and framing workplace conversations, which are then put to the test through role-playing scenarios.

Feedback Activity: How to Deliver Effective Feedback:

line manager practising how to give feedback

Participate in an immersive role-playing scenario, ‘Feedback Fortunes,’ designed to navigate challenges and simulate real-life situations. This experience aims to help you recognise and overcome obstacles to effective feedback communication. You are encouraged to report your findings to your mentor and integrate the lessons learned into real-world contexts.

Focus on identifying crucial aspects and common mistakes in delivering feedback. Gain practical skills in providing feedback and identifying challenges. Utilise these feedback skills in realistic workplace scenarios and provide a report on your experiences.

Managers engage in a group exercise that illustrates the distinctions between constructive feedback, praise, and criticism. The exercise also covers practical techniques for productively providing feedback. The aim is to develop an effective feedback strategy for team members.

Activity: Coaching Employees (Inhouse Only)

Transition from remote work to an office environment and benefit from exceptional coaching. Witness effective coaching conversations, dissect key components, and hone your coaching skills. Reflect on your experiences, noting both successes and challenges, and integrate the best practices of coaching into everyday interactions.

  • Witness a coaching conversation in action.
  • Collaborate to identify and consolidate essential elements into coaching best practices.
  • Reflect on your experiences and incorporate coaching expertise into daily managerial activities.
line manager learning how to coach employees

Activity: Challenges faced by Line Managers (Online Only)

In this exercise, we will examine the typical difficulties managers encounter after being promoted from a team member role. Through a series of scenarios presented by the facilitator, participants will learn how to handle these situations efficiently.

Own It! Transferring Your Learning Back to Your Workplace

After attending the line management course, each line manager will identify and commit to completing five actions. Additionally, every manager will receive access to post-course support, and each learner will take a line manager course booklet to their workplace.

management styles training for line managers
Management Styles

What’s Inside the Box?

Learn the nuances of Directive, Coaching, Supporting, and Delegating styles.

  • Activity Map: A visual journey through the realm of management, guiding you through various scenarios and challenges.
  • Deck of Activity Cards: Each card presents a unique situation, encouraging thought, discussion, and decision-making.
  • Comprehensive Instructions: Clear, straightforward guidelines on how to maximise the learning experience from the game.
Delegation Origami

What’s Inside the Box?

Through the origami task, team members will experience the challenges and rewards of effective delegation, highlighting the need for precision, clarity and agreed outcomes.

  • Origami Task: A carefully crafted origami project that serves as the centrepiece of the delegation exercise.
  • Instructions for the Trainer: Each card presents a unique situation, encouraging thought, discussion, and decision-making.
Feedback Fortunes

Engage in a captivating role-playing experience, ‘Feedback Fortunes,’ crafted to guide you through challenges and mimic scenarios from the real world. This journey is intended to aid in identifying and surmounting barriers to successful feedback from line manager to team member.

Courageous Conversations

What’s Included in the Training Box:

  • Access to Training Videos: Engaging video content that sets the scene for each scenario, delivered in a ‘Breaking News’ format.
  • Three Common Scenarios: Carefully crafted simulations involving disruptive employees, performance reviews, and the transition from team member to manager, each presented in a “Breaking News” style report.
  • Notes and Handouts: Straight-forward learning materials designed to equip participants with the knowledge and frameworks necessary for effectively managing difficult conversations.
training on difficult conversations for line managers
manager learning to coach employees
Coaching conversation between manager and employee.
Coaching Employees

What’s Inside the Box?

  • Access to Coaching Video: A visual guide showcasing a model coaching conversation, with a clear example of coaching excellence.
  • Trainer Questions and Discussion Points: Curated prompts that facilitate deep thinking and discussion about coaching and its underlying principles.
  • Transcript of Coaching Conversation: Allow learners to review and analyse the conversation at their own pace, ensuring a thorough understanding of effective coaching techniques.

Training Activities

After the line management training course, you will be a more well-prepared and self-assured line manager. Our practical and step-by-step strategies will guide your managers on various topics from “how do I delegate?” to managing difficult conversations, enabling them to become engaging and proficient line managers.

Training Materials

Your line management training course includes all the necessary materials and booklets. You don’t need to print any handouts at work, and there are no hidden fees. Each of your managers will receive a professionally printed and bound course booklet.

Training Styles

We offer management training through a blend of in-class and online learning methods, including video tutorials and interactive sessions led by our management coach. This approach helps students learn and apply core management principles through interventions, feedback, and role playing, leading to increased value and a strong return on investment.

Your Line Management Course Trainer

lisa management trainer

Lisa is the trainer and coach for this line management training course. She has experience working with both commercial and public sector clients and is highly regarded for her ability to engage employees quickly and deliver enjoyable yet productive management training. Lisa is CIPD qualified, a Master Practitioner of NLP, and is accredited in both Myers Briggs Type Indicators and DiSC leadership styles.

Line Management Training Quote

    FAQs for Line Management

    What topics will be covered in Line Management?

    This training program will equip your managers with essential knowledge in first-line management, empowering them to gain a deeper understanding of:
    – Their preferred and alternative management styles.
    – How to transition from being a team-member to a new manager.
    – Ways to effectively manage common management scenarios.
    – Handling difficult conversations at work.
    – How to delegate tasks to improve employee motivation.
    – How to provide team members with feedback.

    What are the line manager course aims?

    This course teaches new and inexperienced managers how to enhance their team’s performance and improve their management abilities. It is also suitable for managers who have not had any line management training. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to utilise the line management skills they have learned in their workplace.
    – Explain the Role of Management
    – Strategies to Overcome Challenges as a Manager
    – How to Handle Challenging Conversations.
    – Delegate Effectively
    – Complete a Feedback Conversation
    – Select a Suitable Management Style to Suit the Needs of Each Employee.

    What are the reasons to choose this Line Management Course?

    Begin your journey towards a management career by enrolling in the most affordable training programs in the UK.
    The pre-learning training materials enhance the managers’ understanding of the topics covered in their management training program.
    Face-to-Face Training
    Our line management training is priced at £98 per manager and is designed to be cost-effective. It is delivered at our training venue in the heart of Cheshire. This includes all refreshments and training materials.
    Post Training Support
    Our app offers a library of management videos that can help you retain what you learn and improve your ROI.

    Pre-learning for line management training

    To help your managers get the most out of the team training day, we recommend they watch the short video and fill out the management self-assessment beforehand.

    You can download the management-style questionnaire from here. Once you have answered all the statements, calculate your scores and mark them on the diagram provided on page 2.

    As part of your training, you completed a self-assessment for your managerial skills. To get a more comprehensive evaluation, you were advised to ask your team members for their feedback. We have provided you with forms, questions, and a skills chart so your team can complete your managerial assessment.

    To complete your manager assessment, please download the second part by clicking on the attached link. Then, ask at least three members of your team to score you on each question and add their scores to the chart provided.

    You’ll practice your new management skills back at work. Here you will need to recall your learning in busy day-to-day situations. Your line management skills are available from your mobile in handy 60-seconds reminders. Delivered in an animated style, with professional voice-overs, you’re only ever a phone or tablet away from a helpful ‘bite-sized’ recall of your basic management skills training.

    Enhance Performance with Line Management Training

    An opportunity to learn management techniques and enhance line management skills.

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