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    Boost Your Team’s Productivity with Inhouse Training Courses

    Enhance your team’s productivity with our inhouse training programs. Our courses aim to equip your team with new skills, making them effective managers and team members. Our cost-effective training ensures a noticeable improvement in your team’s performance.

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    Choose from a range of management development programs designed to help your team reach its full potential. Our experienced trainers will collaborate with you to create a program that meets your specific needs. Whether it’s communication skills, line management, or leadership, we have the right program for you.

    Line Management Courses

    A Foundation for New Managers

    Perfect for new or untrained managers, our line management course provides comprehensive training in delivering effective feedback, handling challenging conversations, and mastering the art of delegation for improved productivity. Address common management challenges and equip yourself with the necessary tools to overcome them.

    Personal Effectiveness Training

    Boost Confidence and Productivity

    Looking to instil confidence and enhance productivity among your employees? Our personal effectiveness training is the answer. Our experts guide managers on leading with influence, mastering productivity, and maximising their work output. Provide your team with the essential tools for success.

    Conflict Management Training

    Handle Workplace Conflicts Like a Pro

    Learn the art of managing workplace conflicts with finesse. Our expert trainers will equip you with techniques to resolve disputes, mediate with colleagues, and build trust. Whether your team frequently faces disagreements or you simply want to be prepared for any situation, our conflict management course provides the skills you need.

    Leadership Skills Training

    Transform into a Powerful Leader

    Transform into a formidable leader and inspire your employees to achieve greatness. Our leadership training courses teach you successful negotiation, team building, and coaching strategies. Elevate yourself into the leader you aspire to be.

    Teamwork Training Course

    Unleash the Power of Collaboration

    The teamwork training course empowers your managers to harness the full potential of teamwork for outstanding achievements. Through interactive exercises and discussions, managers develop the skills required to lead teams to success. Unlock your team’s potential and witness productivity soar.

    Further Inhouse Training Courses

    Explore our complete catalogue of management training courses, each available for on-site delivery at your offices. Choose from line manager training, performance management, communication skills for teams, and more. These courses are designed to support your managers’ development, supplemented with pre-learning materials for a comprehensive understanding of the subjects covered.

    Why these In-house Courses?

    Support your managers’ development with the UK’s best-value in-house training courses. Pre-learning training materials enhance your managers’ knowledge of the subjects explored throughout their management training course. Our cost-effective in-house courses are delivered via Zoom, starting from £98 per employee, with no hidden fees.

    The price you are quoted is the final cost, inclusive of all expenses. Unlike other training companies, we provide professionally printed materials for every employee without additional charges. Whether your location is in London, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, or Bristol, we won’t add-on travel or accommodation expenses.

    Need Leadership Courses?

    Our leadership courses are perfect for individuals seeking to develop their skills and propel their teams to the next level. Led by expert trainers, these courses impart new techniques that can be implemented immediately, resulting in improved team performance.

    Leadership Skills

    Enhance Your Leadership Abilities

    Do you aspire to become a better leader? Improve your skills and confidence with our leadership skills training. Learn effective coaching, negotiation strategies, and team-building techniques. Transform yourself into the inspirational leader your team needs.

    Coaching Employees

    Learn the Art of Coaching

    Explore the nuances of coaching people effectively with our specialised course. Gain insights into conducting coaching conversations that build trust and deliver constructive feedback. Our expert guidance ensures you can overcome any obstacles and become a successful coach in no time.

    Team Training

    Foster Motivation and Productivity

    Looking to create a motivated and productive team? Our employee motivation course guides leaders on how to inspire employees and extract the best from them. Through engaging discussions and activities, leaders will gain new ideas for building engagement across their teams.

    Change Management Course:

    Navigate Change Successfully

    Change can be intimidating, but with the right tools and knowledge, it can be a successful process. Our change management course teaches you how to lead your team through change seamlessly, understand how employees experience change, and create an effective plan for change in your workplace.

    Your Inhouse Course Trainer

    Meet Lisa, your dedicated management trainer and coach. With extensive experience across commercial and public sectors, Lisa facilitates engaging in-house management training courses. Her ability to quickly engage employees and deliver enjoyable yet productive management training is consistently praised. Lisa is also Associate CIPD qualified and a behavioral analyst in TMI Insights.

    Improve Performance and Productivity with Inhouse Training Courses
    Host a team training day to foster employee engagement, promote togetherness, and develop essential team skills.

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