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Courses in Building Teams

On this teamwork training course, your managers will discover the benefits of team working, learn how to work better as a team, improve motivation and overcome barriers to forming effective teams on this teamwork training.

What You’ll Learn

Following this teamwork course, managers and employees will be able to:

  • Explain How a High-Performing Team Functions Effectively
  • Be Able To Adapt Management Styles According To The Strengths and Weaknesses of Team Members
  • How To Manage Difficult Conversations
  • Problem-Solve Amongst Team Members
  • Complete Team-building Activities In-house

Our teamwork training course is suitable for team members and managers looking to raise the performance of their team. Those looking to improve how they interact and work with colleagues will also benefit.

Following completion of this team-building course, your team will be more productive in the workplace by building their problem-solving capabilities  and communication skills.

Featuring “how do teams work?”, working towards shared goals, testing and improving team communication, conflict resolution and problem-solving for teams, we’ll facilitate your employees through engaging and practical, step-by-step exercises that will develop your managers and increase your their productivity.

What are the Team Training Activities?

Group exercises in effective team working and team-building techniques facilitated by engaging facilitators takes your team through a package of training modules exploring their communication skills, conflict management strategies, and problem-solving techniques. Your team will complete the day with a well-balanced approach to effective teamworking and a portfolio of strategies to help them work well within a team back in the workplace. All activities are managed by an experienced trainer and in the safety of the office environment.

Achieving More Through Teamwork

This exercise will show participants how, by working together, teams are able to achieve more. Additionally, it highlights to the team the dangers of an overly competitive workplace culture.

High Performing Teams: Tuckman Jensen’s 4-Phase Model

A review of this important model and feedback from pre-learning

Leading Motivation Within Teams

This exercise will encourage participants to consider factors that motivate staff to perform well, encourage leaders to consider their communication skills, consider the question of keeping people motivated and encourage staff to self assess, review and reflect on performance.

Communication Within Teams: The Festival!

This teamwork and communication exercise helps employees enhance their communication and listening skills, develop their ability to communicate and to explore problems objectively. Importantly, employees learn that teamwork involves all the unique skills and talents within a team.

Problem-Solving Within Teams

This teamwork and problem-solving exercise explores the difficulties of solving a problem which involves numerous people. Importantly, it highlights how problem-solving becomes challenging when other team members have competing priorities.

Exercise: Five Conflict Strategies

Conflict is common within teams and amongst colleagues. This conflict management activity for teams explores the five strategies which can be used by team-members to manage conflict in the workplace.

Here’s What You’ll Learn About Improving Teamwork

Following this course in teamwork and team-building, your employees will:

  • Know how highly effective teams evolve through 4 key stages
  • Be able to focus on attribute others look to in a team leader
  • Understand the importance of playing to different strengths
  • Communicate more effectively across the team
  • Problem-solve the most important challenges they face
  • Choose how to manage conflict within the team
  • Complete team-building activities that enhance your team’s productivity

Course Description

This teamwork training course which shares the fundamentals of high-performing teams. Using a combination of online learning and classroom training, learners discover how teams evolve, understand colleagues better, improve communication skills, play to different strengths and improve their team’s performance through team-building activities. Comprehensive, effective and affordable, this teamwork training equips your team members to work more effectively as a team.

Our Training Approach

This teamwork and teambuilding course is facilitated using both classroom training and pre-learning videos to build a blended solution. Managers gain an introduction through short video followed by activities, problem-solving games and role plays onsite, at your office. The approach to learning aids promises a first-class, best-value training purchase. Employees practice their teamwork skills back in your workplace. It can be difficult to recall your learning in day-to-day working and so their new skills are available on their mobile in handy 60-seconds reminders. Delivered in an animated style, with professional voice-overs, you’re only ever a phone away from short ‘bite-sized’ reminders of your training day.

Your Teamwork Course Trainer

Lois is your trainer for this 1-day teamwork training course. With 20 years working in training, Lois brings an engaging style to this course on teamwork. Previous clients highlight her ability to engage a team with her strong communication skills. Notably, Lois is CIPD qualified, a Master Practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and accredited in Myers Briggs She brings her training experience and to this teamwork training course.

Teamwork Pre-learning

Your team members receive a pre-learning challenge that sets the tone for the inhouse training day. You’ll find the training videos below. Please ensure that your team members have the videos before the teamwork training day.

Post-Training Support

Your team members will complete the inhouse training having explored new skills in teamwork and teambuilding. Of course, there is a leap for your employees from the classroom to the office environment. They will need to draw upon their training in the heat of everyday situations. Each manager attending a teamwork course earns access to our library of training videos and materials. Core management skills, including how teams work, are easily accessible from their mobile. Your employees will be able to view these 1 minute videos on their mobile. As animated videos featuring professional voice-overs, your employees are only a tip tap away from post-training support.

Build Effective Teams with Teamwork Training

An opportunity to build a stronger team, improve communication and reduce conflict.

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