Time Management Training

Courses in How To Manage Your Time

Help Employees Make Effective Use of Time, Learn to Prioritise Effectively, and Improve Productivity and Efficiency on this Inhouse Time Management Training Course.

What Will I Learn About Time Management?

During this time management course, employees’ will be able to:

  • Understand and create SMART objectives.
  • Be able to manage and help eliminate time stealers.
  • Acquire the ability to self-evaluate poor habits which impact effective time management.
  • Apply techniques to help effective prioritisation and promote efficient use of time.
  • Be able to eliminate time-wasters.

Following completion of this course, your team will be able to deliver improvements in productivity across your team!

From “how do I prioritise?” to helpful strategies for managing unwanted interruptions, we’ll walk your employees through practical, step-by-step techniques that help develop them into productive and effective time managers…

What You’ll Learn About Managing Your Time

Following this training in time management, your team will know:

  • How to prioritise their tasks to improve their effectiveness.
  • How to manage interruptions.
  • How to set and manage objectives.
  • How to work with team members and colleagues to complete team tasks.
  • How to say no to time-stealers.

Time Management Training Activities

Classroom exercises in managing time effectively includes engaging activities to practice time management and decision-making with key learning points within the security of a safe office environment.

The Importance of Time Management

  • Summarise online learning
  • Receive questions

SMART Objectives

A group exercise to introduce participants to each other whilst developing SMART objectives.

Exercise: Wedding Planner

In this activity, learners explore the importance of time management and are introduced to some of the key aspects of effective time management

Activity: Urgent/Important

A training exercise in prioritising a complex number of tasks to achieve maximum productivity

Managing Time as a Team

A group exercise to test employees’ ability to communicate effectively and work co-operatively together, particularly under pressure.

Mitigating Time-Stealers and Interruptions

This exercise will explore the impact of demands on our time and how to reduce or remove their impact.

Time Management Course Objectives

Learn how to drive improvements to your team’s productivity and take control of your time.

This time management course is for colleagues and managers needing to improve their productivity and effectiveness. In short, for employees needing to improve how they manage their time.

The time management skills that your team will bring back to your workplace are:

  • Develop and apply SMART objectives.
  • Defeat the barriers which can prevent effective time management
  • Identify their poor habits which may prevent progress
  • Understand key principles and techniques for prioritising tasks
Training Styles

This time management training is delivered using a variety of classroom and on-line facilitation to build a blended learning solution. Students receive the core management principles through bite-sized video tutorials whilst participating in interventions, feedback and role plays led by our management coach at your office. The learning is reinforced by this strategy, creates added-value and delivers a first-class return on investment.

You’ll practice your time management techniques back in at your office. Here you will need to recall your learning in busy day-to-day situations. Thankfully, we’ve an app for that. Important management skills are accessible from your mobile in handy 60-seconds reminders. Delivered in an animated style, with professional voice-overs, you’re only ever a phone or tablet away from a helpful ‘bite-sized’ recall of your time management course.

Your Time Management Course Trainer

Lois is your trainer and coach. With extensive experience across both commercial and public sector clients, Lois facilitates this management training course and regularly receives positive feedback on her ability to engage employees quickly and to deliver enjoyable yet productive management training. Additionally, Lois is CIPD qualified, a Master Practitioner of NLP and is accredited in Myers Briggs Type Indicators, and DiSC and leadership styles.

Improve Productivity with Time Management Training

An opportunity to develop time management techniques and improve how you manage time.

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