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This communication skills training course will equip you with invaluable techniques to enhance your ability to communicate effectively within a team. By mastering the art of questioning, challenging, and clarifying, you will gain the skills needed to communicate with clarity and precision. You will elevate your communication abilities across the team and unlock your full potential.

Communication Skills You Will Learn

Master the art of effective communication skills with our expert-led training.

This training on communication skills will provide you with essential strategies to improve your team communication effectively. By becoming proficient in the art of asking questions, challenging ideas, and seeking clarification, you will develop the necessary skills to communicate with clarity and accuracy. Enhancing your communication abilities within the team will enable you to unlock their potential.

Trainer: Remote + SkillsPx

Learners: 2 – 12 Managers

Delivery: Zoom + SkillsPx

What topics will be covered in Communication Skills?

This training will equip your managers with essential communication skills, specifically:

  • The Ability to Build Rapport
  • Be Able to Question and Challenge
  • Gain Clarity of Message
  • The Confidence to Have Difficult Conversations
  • Overcome Barriers and Challenge Assumptions
  • Become Alert to Possible Misinterpretation
  • Problem-Solve Through Communicating Across Your Team

Course Outcomes: What You’ll Learn

After completing this practical communication skills training, your employees will gain the ability to:

  • Overcome communication barriers.
  • Build rapport with colleagues and others.
  • Understand the importance of avoiding assumptions and actively listening.
  • Make communications clear whilst understanding the importance of clarity.
  • Recognise messages we send and what is received can be different.
  • Achieve clarity through open questioning techniques.
  • Build the confidence to manage difficult conversations.
  • Improve communication across teams.
communication skills training course objectives

Communication Skills Training : How You Will Learn

Engage your team in effective communication skills through team exercises that incorporate team-building elements. These exercises will enhance your employees’ communication effectiveness and facilitate the development of key learning points.

Introduction: The Importance of Communication Skills

  • Summarise online learning
  • Receive questions

Communication Exercise: Overcoming Barriers to Effective Communication

Employees address common barriers by identifying best-practice techniques to deliver improved communication.

Communicating a Problem!

A training exercise to explore how teams communicate in solving a problem. Learners are encouraged to gather relevant information and to work together to problem solve.

Challenging Assumptions: How To Question and Challenge Others

Employees acquire valuable questioning techniques that effectively resolve problems through thoughtful inquiry, strategic probing, and constructive challenges.

Win, Win Game

This group exercise aims to foster a collaborative mindset among team members, encouraging them to seek win-win outcomes. The activity is specifically designed to enhance day-to-day communication and teamwork, allowing employees to gain insights into their natural response styles – whether they tend to be aggressive, submissive, or assertive.

Working in Remote Teams

Employees gain valuable insights into how different teams can effectively collaborate when working remotely. Your team will develop a deep understanding of the importance of knowledge sharing and task completion.

Objective: Improve Communication Across Teams

Exercise: Desert Survival

Engage in a dynamic teamwork and communication activity that allows employees to put their communication and listening skills to the test. This interactive exercise aims to enhance team communication and problem-solving abilities effectively. Moreover, participants will discover the power of leveraging the unique skills and talents of individuals across different teams, ultimately leading to more successful solutions.

Training Summary

Upon successful completion of this training in communication skills, participants acquire the skills to become more proficient, persuasive, and self-assured communicators! From enhancing listening abilities to employing effective questioning techniques for clearer employee communications, our engaging and step-by-step activities guide learners towards becoming effective communicators.

Training Support

Furthermore, employees will have the opportunity to practice their communication skills in their workplace, applying their newly acquired knowledge to everyday situations. To support their learning, we have a mobile platform that offers 60-second videos. These videos, presented in an animated style with professional voice-overs, serve as handy reminders of their communication skills training.

Training Styles

This communication course provides a comprehensive learning experience using hybrid facilitation methods. Through a brief pre-learning exercise, employees participate in learning exercises alongside their team members. Core communication principles are taught through interventions, feedback, and role plays led by our experienced management trainer. A blended learning approach ensures participants gain added value and a first-class return on investment.

Your Communication Skills Course Trainer

Lisa, an experienced trainer in communication skills, brings a wealth of expertise in delivering communication skills training across diverse industries. As a facilitator of this in-house management course, Lisa consistently garners positive feedback from clients, praising her ability to quickly engage with employees and deliver enjoyable communication skills training. Notably, Lisa is CIPD qualified, a Master Practitioner of NLP, and holds accreditation in Myers Briggs Type Indicators, further enhancing her credentials in the field.

Communication Skills Training Quote

    FAQs in Communication Skills

    What topics will be covered in Communication Skills?

    Following this communication skills training, your employees will understand:
    – Common barriers to effective communication.
    – How to obtain clarity.
    – How to listen, question and challenge to get it right first time.
    – How to remove assumptions.
    – How to have difficult conversations with confidence.
    – How to communicate effectively within and across teams.

    What are the communication skills course aims?

    Understanding Communication Dynamics:
    Explore the fundamentals of effective communication within team settings.
    Recognize the impact of communication on teamwork, productivity, and relationships.
    Understand the challenges and barriers that can hinder clear and efficient communication.
    Overcoming Communication Barriers:
    Identify common barriers that hinder successful communication.
    Develop strategies to overcome language, cultural, and perceptual barriers.
    Learn techniques to adapt communication styles for diverse audiences.
    Building Rapport and Connection:
    Understand the significance of building rapport in fostering trust and collaboration.
    Develop skills to establish genuine connections with colleagues and team members.
    Explore techniques to create an inclusive and supportive communication environment.
    Active Listening and Assumption Avoidance:
    Learn the art of active listening to enhance understanding and empathy.
    Recognize the detrimental effects of assumptions on effective communication.
    Develop strategies to identify and avoid assumptions, leading to clearer and more accurate communications.
    Clarity and Precision in Communication:
    Recognize the importance of clear and concise communication.
    Explore methods to convey complex ideas with simplicity and clarity.
    Develop techniques to enhance message accuracy and reduce misunderstandings.
    Managing Message Discrepancies:
    Understand the concept of how messages sent and received can differ.
    Learn strategies to bridge the gap between sender and receiver perceptions.
    Develop skills to ensure alignment between intended messages and their interpretations.
    Mastering Open Questioning Techniques:
    Learn the art of crafting open-ended questions to encourage dialogue.
    Understand the role of open questioning in obtaining comprehensive information.
    Develop the ability to guide conversations through strategic questioning.
    Confidently Handling Difficult Conversations:
    Gain strategies to approach and manage challenging conversations.
    Develop self-assurance and emotional intelligence when addressing sensitive topics.
    Learn techniques to maintain respect and professionalism during difficult discussions.
    Enhancing Communication Across Teams:
    Explore methods to foster effective communication in cross-functional teams.
    Understand how collaboration can be optimized through transparent communication.
    Develop skills to bridge communication gaps and promote team synergy.

    What are the reasons to choose this course in Communication Skills?

    Upon completing this Effective Communication Skills Course, participants will:
    – Demonstrate heightened proficiency in various communication techniques.
    – Exhibit increased confidence in engaging in diverse conversations.
    – Display enhanced abilities to actively listen, question effectively, and clarify messages.
    – Contribute to a more open, respectful, and collaborative team communication culture.
    – Be better equipped to navigate challenging conversations and maintain positive relationships.

    This course offers participants the opportunity to unlock their potential as persuasive, confident, and empathetic communicators, leading to more productive and harmonious team interactions.

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