One Day Courses

One Day Courses

One Day Training courses can be a highly effective option when seeking to enhance the skills of an employee whether it be in management, leadership or marketing. Training managers that choose to optimise their training budget for the greatest return on investment choose to invest in one day training courses for the benefit of their employees and for their business.

the benefits of short one day coursesWhy are short courses popular?

Two reasons: time and money. Firstly, as with many aspects of modern life their is pressure to make the most effective use of our time. The same is true with employee time as a balance is struck between fee earning work activities and the need to invest in skills for the future advancement of the employee.

Secondly, with the current downturn there is a huge amount of pressure on training budgets and training managers are seeking to ensure they squeeze the best value they can from their training budget.

Benefits of One Day Courses

This is one of the benefits of short one day courses. Expenditure is kept to a minimum as travel and accommodation are reduced. Secondly, the time actually implementing the learning is amplified. Finally, the number of hours invested in learning is narrowed to what is actually required and, therefore, the face cost of the training courses are minimised whilst the training budget cost-effectiveness is maximised.

However, it is important to ensure the training objectives are met and selecting a one day course provider is not simply an exercise in selecting the cheapest option – but rather the most effective per £ invested.

How To Find A Suitable One Day Course Provider

If you are looking for training in London you would do well to take a look at Train In A Day Training in London. They offer short one day courses in management, marketing and leadership. I believe they will be adding further training courses over the coming months ahead.

Alternatively, if you are further north and seeking training in Manchester for you or an employee then LDA Academy offer inhouse management training for teams of employees on your premises.

Certainly, when seeking a suitable training provider there are a number of considerations you will want to make regarding the suitability of such training companies.

Firstly, what is their approach to structuring a one day course in a particular subject?

A good training company will want to ensure your employee learns in a style which promotes the retention of that learning. One approach I have encouraged in my short courses is to follow a 3-part system of theoretical introduction, case study (real world application) and personal application (own business/situation). This means that the delegate has a grasp of the concept, how it’s been successfully implemented and how they can apply it to themselves. Such an approach will ensure your employee gets the most from their one day course.

Public short courses or inhouse training?

Clearly, this depends on how many delegates you are looking to be involved but should you have 3 or more employees with the same training need it may be more cost-effective to hire a training provider to deliver inhouse training courses such as LDA Academy.

This has been a short article on the benefits of one day courses.

By Carl Duncker

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