Marketing Skills

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  • Marketing Skills

    Embarking on your first marketing campaign or revisiting the fundamentals for your existing business is a crucial step in ensuring sustained success. This article aims to equip you with the essential knowledge needed to initiate a simple yet effective marketing strategy. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or the owner of a flourishing enterprise, continually…

  • The Power of Branding

    Powerful Brands: Unveiling the Journey of Lucozade and Ribena For many Britons, Lucozade and Ribena evoke cherished memories of childhood – an era when Ribena arrived in glass bottles, undiluted, and Lucozade was a remedy reserved for the unwell. The Origin of a Power Brand Today’s news of both brands being acquired by a Japanese…

  • Social Media Courses Explained

    Unlocking the Power of Social Media Training Embarking on the journey of social media training might initially seem akin to teaching teenagers how to use a familiar software like Word in schools—they’re already well-acquainted, perhaps even more adept than the instructors. The question naturally arises: Why invest time and resources in social media marketing courses…

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