Management Skills Demystified

Management Skills Demystified

Management Training Courses and New Managers

This article will discuss selecting a management training course, how they improve your skills and how you can benefit as a line manager.

If you have responsibility for managing people but are yet to invest in line management training you are not alone. Often, well-thought of employees receive promotion as they pursue a career and with it comes the responsibility of managing others. However, more often than not, these highly-regarded employees lack experience in motivating others to complete tasks successfully.

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It is not through a lack of the will to do well simply that they are being placed in a role which requires a different skill-set to their previous position.

Previously, someone who is taking on managerial responsibility for the first-time will have historically had a task-orientated role which relied largely on themselves to be delivered efficiently.

Taking a line manager job entails exactly the opposite – that is motivating others to do the role you previously did but no longer do. A task-orientated approach is replaced by a people-orientated approach and that requires new skills.

So if the manager has yet to have been offered one, this is the time to stand up and demand some form of leadership training or management development program.

Investing in Management Training

Those investing in management training courses have much to gain and learn. Each new manager will have their own individual skills that will need to be learned and improved upon. Typically, depending upon their own unique skill requirements, new managers will want to improve their ability to motivate their own staff and others, learn how to delegate effectively, have a structured approach to managing performance, be able to deliver feedback and understand how to manage a team.

Some are inherently more at ease with such skills but all can be developed, improved and learned and are the essential building blocks of being a successful manager.

Training Interventions for the New Manager

People learn in different ways and improving upon your management skills will require a mix of training interventions which is bespoke to that individual. There are a variety of training interventions from one day courses to full blown in-house management and leadership development programs. Online learning and bite-sized learning have grown in prominence over recent years and mobile learning is another avenue for the new manager. All of these training methods have their advantages and disadvantages which we will explore further in a later article.

What is important for anyone moving into a new management role is that they understand and are honest about their training needs. This will involve taking an impartial view on what will be required in the future and where their skill set stands at the moment. The manager should then work alongside their training manager in addressing the skills gap with relevant training.

And there are more than enough options for the manager seeking training in management and leadership. Here are just a few of the options a quick search for management training will deliver to you:

  • Read Learning are a company that provide business training courses for professionals delivering classroom training days.

  • Hemsley Fraser offer leadership training courses and are part of the worldwide Demos Group.

  • Learning Tree are an I.T. management training organisation with over 2.2 million managers enrolling on their programs.

Training Managers and Choosing A Training Provider

If you are a training manager, a lot of personal reputation can be staked on selecting a management training provider. Client feedback is critical when selecting a training company. Do not simply settle for a list of previous clients. Ask to speak with a client who will recommend them and offer an insight into the style of management training delivery.Going forward, you will want to understand how the management training can be built on. For instance, can coaching sessions be offered to managers at some point in the future? Are there refresher sessions? Does their portfolio of leadership and management courses have follow-up courses on related subjects? For example, new manager and established manager related training?

Traininaday are a management training course provider based in the UK. Using a team of management coaches and facilitators, they deliver training sessions which build your skills as a manager and drive your business forward. You can find a comprehensive selection of management and leadership courses at

by Carl Duncker

Management Training Courses and Blended Learning

People do not buy products – they buy solutions to problems. So the old saying goes. Training is no different as I discovered this week.

Eager to find a management training solution for his restaurant business, we have been helping a client find a training solution to his management problem. Although we advertise a variety of management courses we are, of course, flexible to customer demand. And it really is the customer where we should start. Offering a training course can only ever be a reflection of what we believe to be a customer need but nothing more.

Management Team Modules

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So, our client had the following training needs for his team:

– team building

– how to motivate employees

– performance management

– how to delegate effectively

As it stood, our standard management training courses covered these management and leadership disciplines but not in the way we have packaged them. The great benefit of being a smaller organisation is that one can respond flexibly and quickly to customer requirements.

Modularised Management Training Courses

What we offered was to modularise the management modules and construct new bespoke training days just for her. The cost to ourselves as a training provider is there but small whilst the benefit to the training client is far greater. So the team of new and existing managers receive the training they need, at a price they are willing to invest in, whilst we have the opportunity to nurture their skills.

If you think about this, delivering training is no more than a series of micro-modules where we construct a period of time with these modules. Whether it be delivering models, theory, interventions, case studies, role plays or video examples, a training day is simply a series of these micro-modules. And we try to order those decisions to deliver the most effective management training day we can.

Nobody can get it 100% correct – there are multiple learners in the room for a start – but we hope to strike the right balance between those learners training needs and the clients training budget. I like to think we get that balance right.

by Carl Duncker

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