Coaching Training for Managers

coaching training for managers
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Learn essential skills of coaching, including conducting coaching conversations, building trust, delivering constructive feedback, and overcoming obstacles. Join this comprehensive coaching training course to enhance your coaching abilities and make a positive impact.

Coaching Skills You Will Develop

Unlock your coaching potential with our comprehensive Coaching Training course. Gain a deep understanding of what coaching is and develop the essential skills needed to become an effective workplace coach. Learn how to structure productive coaching sessions and use coaching methods to enhance employee performance. This enriching course empowers you to become a confident and competent coach, ready to guide your team towards success. Invest in your professional development and elevate your leadership abilities with Coaching Training.

Trainer: Remote + SkillsPx

Learners: 2 – 12 Managers

Delivery: Zoom + SkillsPx

What will be covered in Coaching?

After completing this enriching coaching skills course, you will gain the ability to:

  • Understand and describe what coaching is
  • Identify the skills needed for managers to become effective workplace coaches..
  • Be able to structure a productive coaching session with members of their team.
  • Learn how to develop employees using coaching methods to enhance performance.

Course Outcomes: What You’ll Learn

After completing this coaching skills training course, you will gain the valuable ability to:

  • Understand and describe what coaching is
  • Identify the skills needed for managers to become effective workplace coaches.
  • Be able to structure a productive coaching session with members of their team.
  • Learn how to develop employees using coaching methods to enhance performance.
coaching training course for managers of employees

Coaching Training Course : How You Will Learn

Exercise: What is Coaching?

Discover the essence of coaching and what it truly entails. Delve into its application in the world of business and management, and unravel the distinctive qualities that set it apart from mentoring.

How to Coach: Exercise: GROW Coaching Model

In this engaging exercise, managers will delve into the essential skills needed to excel as an effective coach. Get ready to explore the GROW model and unlock your coaching potential!

Coaching Skills Role Play: Exercise: Coaching Practice

Participants are challenged to unleash their coaching prowess by immersing themselves in role plays that bring the GROW model to life. This hands-on experience offers a unique opportunity to sharpen listening, questioning, and summarising techniques. Get ready to take your coaching skills to the next level!

Structuring a Coaching Conversation: Exercise: The Plan

During this coaching training, managers ponder on how to bring the power of GROW coaching conversations to their teams, delving into the art of questioning techniques.

Documenting Coaching Conversations: Exercise: The Record

During this interactive session, managers delve into the significance of maintaining valuable records of coaching conversations with employees.

Summary and Review Exercise: The Review Quiz

Participants dive into the key learning points from this transformational workplace coaching training course!

Training Activities

Classroom exercises on effective employee coaching incorporate fun elements to practice coaching skills and explore key learning points. Get ready to level up your coaching game and unleash your potential! 🚀

Training Materials

The coaching training you’ve enrolled in provides comprehensive materials and booklets, eliminating the need for printing any handouts at work. Rest assured, there are no hidden fees associated with the course. Additionally, each of your managers will receive a meticulously printed and professionally bound course booklet, enhancing the learning experience.

Training Styles

Our approach to blended learning starts with video-based instruction to provide essential knowledge. We then offer a coach-the-coach training day to enhance your skills. This full-day coaching program, led by a skilled facilitator, focuses on developing your coaching abilities through interactive role plays, games, and problem-solving.

Your Coaching Course Trainer

Lisa, an experienced trainer and coach, leads this coaching training course. With a background in working with commercial and public sector clients, she is highly respected for her ability to quickly engage employees and deliver enjoyable yet productive training for managers. Lisa holds qualifications such as being CIPD qualified, a Master Practitioner of NLP, and accreditation in Myers Briggs Type Indicators and DiSC leadership styles.

Coaching Training Quote

    FAQs on Coaching

    How is Coaching different to Mentoring?

    Coaching, at its core, is a form of teaching that sets it apart from mentoring, which serves a slightly different purpose. On the other hand, mentoring involves guiding, counselling, and providing support. It is a voluntary relationship that is less formal than coaching. The mentor and protege collaborate towards a broad development objective, such as aspiring to be a leader.

    What are the coaching course aims?

    This course offers a comprehensive foundation in coaching techniques, enabling participants to become proficient workplace coaches. By enhancing their coaching abilities, participants will contribute to elevating employee performance and creating a positive impact within their teams and organisations.

    Learning Aims for Comprehensive Coaching Skills Course:

    Introduction to Coaching Principles:
    Understand the fundamental concepts and principles of coaching.
    Define the role and significance of coaching in professional development.
    Recognize the impact of effective coaching on employee performance and growth.
    Essential Coaching Skills:
    Identify and comprehend the key skills required for successful coaching.
    Explore active listening, empathy, and effective questioning techniques.
    Develop the ability to create a supportive and conducive coaching environment.
    Conducting Effective Coaching Conversations:
    Learn how to initiate and conduct coaching conversations with team members.
    Understand the importance of clear communication and goal-setting in coaching.
    Develop strategies to navigate various coaching scenarios and adapt approaches accordingly.
    Building Trust and Rapport:
    Explore methods to establish trustful relationships with team members.
    Understand the role of empathy, respect, and confidentiality in building rapport.
    Learn techniques to create a safe space for open and honest dialogue.
    Delivering Constructive Feedback:
    Develop skills to provide constructive and actionable feedback.
    Understand the balance between praise and constructive criticism.
    Learn to frame feedback in a manner that promotes growth and improvement.
    Overcoming Coaching Obstacles:
    Identify common challenges and obstacles in the coaching process.
    Develop strategies to address resistance, defensiveness, and communication barriers.
    Learn techniques to handle difficult situations and emotions during coaching sessions.
    Structuring Productive Coaching Sessions:
    Understand the components of a well-structured coaching session.
    Learn how to set clear objectives, create an agenda, and manage time effectively.
    Develop the ability to track progress and measure outcomes in coaching relationships.
    Coaching Methods for Employee Development:
    Explore coaching techniques to foster employee growth and development.
    Learn how to set actionable goals, provide guidance, and facilitate skill enhancement.
    Understand the role of ongoing coaching in driving continuous improvement.

    What are the reasons to choose this Coaching Course?

    Managers play a crucial role in nurturing their employees’ growth in the workplace. This comprehensive coaching course is specifically designed for line managers and individuals responsible for employee development. By delving into the principles of coaching and hands-on practice with an experienced facilitator, managers will enhance their skill set to empower their teams effectively.

    Fantastic Teams is delighted to offer an exceptional coaching course that unveils the essential principles of effective employee coaching. Through the utilisation of proven methodologies and coaching techniques, participants will enhance their employee coaching skills through our comprehensive blended learning approach. Engage in online video tutorials that meticulously guide you through the key principles, while a skilled facilitator collaborates with your team to cultivate their coaching techniques in a classroom setting. This affordable coaching course, led by experienced coaches, empowers your managers to effectively coach and motivate their teams, unlocking the secrets to success.

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