Change Management Training

Unlock the secrets of successful change. Gain invaluable insights into the employee experience. Plan and sell change effectively with our transformational change management training.

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Unlock the Secrets of Successful Change with Change Management Training

Change Management Skills You Will Learn

Embark on an exciting change management training course where you’ll unlock the secrets to successfully navigating change. Gain invaluable insights into the employee experience during times of transition and master the art of planning and selling change with utmost effectiveness. Get ready to embrace the power of change!

Trainer: Remote + SkillsPx

Learners: 2 – 12 Managers

Delivery: Zoom + SkillsPx

What will be covered in Change Management?

This training program will equip your managers with practical knowledge in managing change, empowering them to learn how to:

  • Use a 8-step change process that ensures buy-in and increases your chances of achieving success.
  • Be to develop a communication strategy for internally promoting and selling change.
  • Develop a communication strategy for selling change.
  • Build a change management plan.
  • Convince others of the need for urgent change.

Change Management Training : What You’ll Learn

Discover the secrets of planning, promoting, and selling change projects. Explore the fascinating world of change management and the dynamics between people and their reactions to change. This transformational training course is designed for ambitious managers and leaders, eager to drive lasting change and create a thriving workplace.

You will gain valuable change management skills:

  • Understand attitudes and responses to change
  • The 8-step change process model
  • Manage emotions related to change
  • Effectively communicate by adapting your messaging to align with the change curve.
  • Identify questions to plan for change
  • Convince others with urgency
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Introduction: Change Management

  • Summarise online learning
  • Receive questions

Change Management Experiences Case Study: The Highs and Lows of Change

Your trainer uses the change curve to illustrate how individuals go through different stages when facing change. Specifically, the focus is on the significance of people in this process.

People and Change Exercise: How Does It Feel?

A training exercise to demonstrate how employees emotionally respond to change and the importance of effective management.

The Change Process Exercise: Proven 8-Step Change Model

Embark on a journey to discover this straightforward yet powerful process for securing and embedding triumphant change. Let’s dive in and unlock the secrets to success!

Planning for Change: Questions, Questions, Questions

Embark on a collective brainstorming adventure to construct a repertoire of crucial questions. These queries will serve as a compass, guiding you through the maze of communication and change planning in your workplace. Let the exploration begin!

Change Exercise: No Drama Llama!

Embark on an exciting journey where learners collaborate as a united team to craft a change management plan for a challenging event. Let the adventure begin!

Selling Change: Activity

Man and leaders delve into the art of effective communication to drive the need for change. Discover essential tips to secure buy-in from diverse employees and ignite a collective spark of transformation.

Own It! Transferring Your Learning Back to Your Workplace

After successfully finishing the change management training, each participant will have the responsibility of identifying and committing to achieving five specific tasks. Additionally, managers will have the opportunity to access post-course assistance, while learners will be provided with a change management course handbook to further enhance their skills in the workplace.

Training Activities

Experience engaging and dynamic team activities during your training day with our workshop exercises in change management. Explore the change management process, and enhance managers’ understanding of how people experience and respond to change through these exercises. Get ready for an exciting and transformative learning experience!

Training Materials

Your change management training course includes all the necessary materials and booklets. You don’t need to print any handouts at work, and there are no hidden fees. Each of your managers will receive a professionally printed and bound change management course booklet.

Training Styles

Our change management training program utilises a combination of classroom and online facilitation methods to create a blended learning experience. Students are equipped with pre-learning in change management and then participate in interventions, feedback sessions, and role plays. This approach ensures that the learning is reinforced, adds value, and delivers exceptional returns on investment.

Your Change Management Course Trainer

Meet Carl, your dedicated trainer and coach. With extensive experience in driving engagement and facilitating change in both commercial and public sectors, Carl brings this management training course to life. Clients love Carl’s refreshing down-to-earth approach that sets him apart from traditional training styles. As if that’s not impressive enough, Carl also serves as the CEO of Skills Packs, successfully leading the business for 20 years. Additionally, Carl takes on interim management contracts, providing a wealth of diverse experiences. Get ready for an engaging learning journey with Carl by your side.

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    FAQs on Change Management

    What topics will be covered in Change Management?

    Embark on this change management course and equip your leaders and managers with the essential skills to:
    – manage the emotions of employees on different stages of the change curve.
    – improve the odds of success by planning and setting the scene effectively.
    – manage the change through a proven 8-step process used by change managers.
    – prepare and manage communicating change in the workplace.
    – identify key questions which need to be addressed to plan for change.
    – convince and persuade others for the need for change in the organisation.

    What are the change management course aims?

    This course empowers managers to embrace change as an opportunity for growth and innovation, providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead successful and impactful change initiatives.

    Upon successful completion of this Change Management Training Course, participants will be equipped to:
    – Understand and navigate the complexities of change from both individual and organisational perspectives.
    – Implement a systematic 8-step change process to achieve successful and lasting transformations.
    – Develop effective communication strategies that foster understanding, buy-in, and enthusiasm for change.
    – Create comprehensive change management plans that address challenges, risks, and stakeholder concerns.
    – Leverage urgency, leadership, and adaptability to drive change initiatives and sustain positive outcomes.

    What are the reasons to join this Change Management Training?

    Upon completing this course, you’ll emerge with a newfound sense of confidence and readiness in effectively navigating transformation and change within your team or organisation. Get ready to embrace the challenge and unlock your potential!

    From understanding the change process to implementing effective strategies for communication and gaining buy-in, this course will guide you through practical, step-by-step approaches to leading transformational change in your workplace. Explore key strategies that will empower you to drive meaningful transformation and create lasting impact.

    Post-Learning Support
    Once you return to the workplace, get ready to put your newly-developed management skills into action! You’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned in the midst of busy day-to-day situations.
    And guess what? Your change management model is right there, accessible from your mobile device, with handy 60-second reminders. These reminders are delivered in an animated style, complete with professional voice-overs. So, whether you’re using your phone or tablet, you’re just a tap away from a helpful and ‘bite-sized’ recall of your change management skills course. How convenient is that?

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