GROW Model Explained

GROW Model Explained

GROW Model

This article introduces the GROW model for coaching employees.

Having a consistent and uniform approach to coaching enables you to devise a strategy and direction – using a coaching model. You will instil confidence in your employees because they see a methodical approach.

When we approach coaching haphazardly we become disorganized and this creates frustrating coaching sessions.

The GROW model helps you organize your coaching process in a flow that identifies the goal first and ends with a plan.


A goal has to be set in order to give direction and purpose to the coaching session. Ambiguous goals usually are never achieved. Setting a goal first shapes your discussion with your employees and, secondly, sets the tone of the coaching session.

Reality Check:

Both you and your employees must come to terms on the current situation regarding level of performance or any issues that are causing breakdowns.

Getting to the bottom of the problem begins with identifying its cause and, from there, obstacles to a better way forward.


Here, you and your employee explore action steps that will help them improve their performance.

Usually options that are prefabricated prevent buy-in from employees resulting in poor performance and  missed goals. Allow your employees to explore options and they will develop their skills.

Wrap Up:

Wrap up your coaching session with a plan once a way forward has been agreed.

Have the way forward written down. If it’s not written down it won’t happen so creating a well defined plan is essential in order to know the direction you need to go and to demonstrate success.

Summary of Grow Model

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The Grow Model is simple yet powerful. Following the GROW process consistently will develop a natural process for you. Coaching should be natural. This puts you and your employees together, making the coaching process more valuable and rewarding.
For more on coaching and how to coach employees go to our coaching course.

What is the GROW model?

The GROW model helps you organise your coaching process in a flow that identifies the goal first and ends with a plan.

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