Inhouse management training courses

We are often asked to customise content for our inhouse training courses. This can be from tailoring course content and case studies to writing a course from scratch. We also deliver our standard courses without alteration for a fixed and transparent investment.

I’ve just finished a blog on this pricing approach on the trainingzone website.

In house Training Costs

Should you have an in-house training enquiry in management or marketing please help us to understand your needs by forwarding your details to us via the form below:


by Carl Duncker

As we launch our training courses for 2013 we are helping training budgets stretch further with two unique and time limited offers.

For businesses, we have a limited number of coupons, available via Facebook, providing £50 off training courses in open training courses in management and social media marketing. Go to https://www.facebook.com/traininaday

Training Course Discount

And there is even better news for registered charities and social enterprises with a significant discount of £75 – reducing a £345 training day reduced to a highly-attractive £270. Go to https://www.facebook.com/charitysector

Places are limited to 12 delegates per course and subject to availability at the time of payment. Offers are available on our Facebook pages and limited in number so head over now and claim your coupons.

by Carl Duncker

Traininaday have announced a time-limited offer on in-house training courses.

Any organisation which pays for in-house training in management, leadership, marketing or social media by December 23rd 2012 will receive a £100 discount from the usual fee.

For enquiries contact train in a day directly.

Recently submitted thoughts on an article I discovered in Forbes magazine.

The article shares how Dell are making social media the cornerstone of customer engagement and have invested in developing the skills of over 3,000 of their employees to implement this strategy.

I was struck by the size of this investment and the step change in how major companies see the future of customer service.

In house Customer Service Training

Potentially, a range of in-house training courses could help businesses meet their own customer service strategies.

Further thoughts on this at my blog over at trainingzone

by Carl Duncker

Not everyone can afford training and coaching. And every business is not suited to the level of Google SEO courses which we offer.

Small Business Marketing

Small, local businesses, in particular, face a choice about where to invest their profits. However, for these types of businesses they can do much themselves to benefit from knowledge of SEO techniques.

I’ve just written an article sharing the 9 most important factors in attracting more local customers online.

The article takes the reader through the gift of free Google+ Local pages and how to get the most from these.

If you own or run a local business and wish to attract those local customers searching for your service in your town or city then the tips offered maybe of help.

You don’t even have to do the work yourself – why not ask a keen employee to take responsibility for growing your online following?

by Carl Duncker

Pinterest for Business

We’ve recently been experimenting with use of the new Pinterest for Business accounts. If you haven’t yet claimed your username you can do it here.

I’ve recently added a blog post about this over at trainingzone. Trainingzone is a website for the community of training managers.

Pinterest is a highly viral, highly visual and highly valuable social media network.

Like many of these applications, they begin in their infancy as free and social applications and then search for revenue streams to make the platform sustainable.

The great appeal to marketers is both the brand potential and the link building potential.

We’re experimenting how this could work best for businesses and will be keen to include our findings in our  marketing courses.

by Carl Duncker

Facebook Fan Pages

We have been exploring the world of SEO via Facebook for our in-house social media marketing courses.

Personally, I have added an article you may find interesting on the 7 top tips for Facebook SEO on my blog over at http://www.carlduncker.com/marketing-consultant/optimizing-your-facebook-fan-page-7-key-points/

We’ve applied the steps I recommend in my article to the traininaday facebook fan page at https://www.facebook.com/traininaday

Specifically, we’ve put more emphasis on the in-house training courses as keywords at the front of the About, Description and Mission sections.

by Carl Duncker

Digital Marketing Courses: Future Launch

Digital marketing spend now stands at £31bn. That is money spent by agencies on digital advertisements, content marketing and digital campaigns. As a fast-growing industry, knowledge of best-practice techniques is lagging behind the financial investment that is being thrown at digital marketing. In fact, the term digital marketing is quickly becoming a synonym for marketing with traditional marketing becoming the forgotten cousin.

digital marketing training image
digital marketing training

In response to customer demand I am writing a number of digital marketing courses for delivery this Spring that cover the fundamental aspects which marketing professionals need to follow if they are to ensure the ROI on their investment. These are in addition to our conventional marketing courses.

Just like SEO in the 90’s, there are a lot of myths and too much learning by doing by marketing professionals who continue to spend heavily. This can lead to wasted resources and a lack of credibility amongst their peers. Like all investments, digital marketing spend needs to demonstrate a return on investment for the business.

With the amount of free and useful resources available by Google, Facebook and other platforms there is no lack of knowledge available to digital marketers. And this fast-moving profession has no excuses to follow best-practice.  With the amount of testing and analytical data available proven techniques have been established by innovators and early adopters that the vast majority of digital marketing professionals can learn from.

When constructing this niche portfolio of courses I have mindful of both customer need and consultancy experience to prioritise the courses on offer.

Digital Marketing Training

With this in mind I am pleased to share that the upcoming digital courses will cover:

SEO Strategy: Ranking in a post-Panda and Penguin world

Content Marketing Strategy: Authorship, Leadership and Engagement

Social Media Strategy: Content, Engagement and Influence

Digital PR Strategy: PR beyond Press Releases

Each of these digital marketing courses will offer a roadmap for best-practice in strategy and implementation. Like all of our courses they will deliver value for money and learning with a engaging and interactive style that be delivered to your teams.

Marketing Training at Train in a Day

Traininaday have been delivering marketing training since 2004. With a team of highly-reputed facilitators, our training courses are utilised by private and public sector alike.

These 1-day digital marketing training courses will be delivered by myself, Carl Duncker, ranking #1 for Digital Marketing Consultant by Google, CEO of traininaday and 20 years marketing management experience.

I look forward to meeting clients and marketing teams looking to improve their digital marketing campaigns with these courses.

by Carl Duncker

Marketing Courses

Which Marketing Courses?

Selecting the right marketing courses can be a daunting task. A quick search on Google brings back 322,000,000 results alone. Where do you start?

All good marketing courses will provide you with a sound grounding in one or more marketing techniques. So your decision will be based more on the method of delivery than anything else.

So with that in mind, here is a brief description of the types of marketing courses you can apply and enrol for:

Free Marketing Courses

O.K. where is the catch? actually there may not be one. There are some excellent training courses available by renowned

google search for marketing courses
marketing courses

universities on Coursera.org. Coursera was set up by a small number of US university Professors who wanted to experiment with delivering their courses online. The site has been a great success with other non-US universities joining and many thousands of students enrolling on each course. However, there are as yet no marketing courses available.

So that leaves standard marketing training being offered for free. Be careful – often you will receive only a fraction of a course and will be expected to pay for further content. So the saying “no such thing as a free lunch” hold true here.

Online Marketing Courses

That is courses on marketing that are delivered online. Not courses on online marketing, known as digital marketing. See the difference?

Online courses are a great way of gaining knowledge about a subject without having to attend classroom training. No travel, no time restrictions, cheaper cost. There are certainly a great number of things in favour of online marketing courses.  The only downside is that people learn best when in groups. The ability to interact and gain understanding from others experiences is one of the hallmarks of learning. There is of course blended learning – that is a mixture of classroom training and online courses.

Part-time Marketing Courses

Most professional marketing qualifications are delivered part-time with a focus on either evening or weekend delivery. This allows the marketing professional to continue their vocation whilst learning a new marketing skill. The Chartered Institute of Marketing traditionally offer part-time marketing courses to thousands of students across the globe. They are not cheap but you do receive an accredited qualification once you complete the course and pass the examinations.

University Marketing Courses

Of course, you can go to university to study marketing – that’s what I did. Marketing is a useful function for anyone going into business. From my own experience, a marketing degree is useful as it gives you some very important fundamentals. However, I learnt the most important aspects of my marketing knowledge when I was working and when completing my professional marketing qualifications.

If any of the above learning formats are of interest to you then there are highlighted below some options regarding marketing courses for you:

University Marketing Courses – try University of Abertay Dundee. Dundee Business School offer a variety of marketing training courses on consumers and brands.

Online Marketing Courses – you could try the Online Marketing College. They deliver a good range of online marketing courses on everything from Google SEO to mobile website design.

Part-time Marketing Courses – look no further than the Chartered Institute of Marketing. They have been delivering part-time professional marketing qualifications since the beginning of time – or almost.

So there you have it, a wide range of marketing courses are available to anyone in a variety of suitable formats depending on your individual circumstances.

by Carl Duncker

Video Training Courses: Press Release

Leading training company launches free video training courses

Successful training managers know that learners quickly forget what they have learned if it is not repeated and reinforced. To help combat this, traininaday today delivers its vast video training library free of charge to all clients purchasing an in-house training course.

One of the great challenges for any learning and development program is to try to ensure that the learning is retained. This can be done in a number of ways from coaching, to quizzes and e-mail follow-up, shared social media resources and conference calls.

However, many of these follow-up techniques rely on a third party. With video training, however, learners have the benefit of access to key learning materials at a time that is convenient to them.

Video training is now available for management training programs including, but not limited to, assertiveness and self-confidence, meeting management, management essentials, communication skills, and how to motivate employees. All video courses cover the fundamentals of each topic with narrated tutorials and several hours of learning per subject. These are available in formats accessible on both desktops and mobile devices.

Furthermore, these training videos are provided free of charge to companies who hire a traininaday trainer to deliver an in-house training course.

Carl Duncker of Train in a Day says “Hiring an external trainer to deliver your training day is a not an insignificant investment and encouraging the retention of learning is rightly important. By offering these video course materials to our clients we are improving the effectiveness of their training whilst at the same time increasing the return on investment of their training budget”

Training managers who’d like to know more can view the full range of management training courses available and how to access the free video training at traininaday.

by Carl Duncker

Leadership Training Videos Launched

It has long been known by learning and development professionals that for training interventions to succeed they must be supported by post-learning repetition and application. As part of its commitment to the learning and development commitment,  traininaday has launched its portfolio of video leadership courses free of charge to its in-house training customers.

Traininaday has listened to feedback from training managers and future leaders alike who want more than a one day training course. They want continued support as they implement new techniques and sharpen their leadership skills. However, coaching and one-to-one support is only available to those with large training budgets and so the challenge is find a solution which is attractive and yet which is cost-effective to most training departments.

Leadership Skills Portfolio

Follow-up video training offers that solution. Leadership training videos are now available as traininaday expand their growing management

development training library. Core course include leadership skills, coaching and mentoring, negotiating skills, and teamwork training.  Available on both mobile and desktop devices, the course videos act as an easily accessible resource for learners following a leadership training day.

Importantly, these training videos are provided free of charge when a company hires an external trainer making in-house training accessible to those with even modest training resources.

Improved Return on Investment

Carl Duncker of traininaday comments “Training Managers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate the return on investment from their training spend. By ditributing these leadership training videos to learners not only are training interventions more effective but learning professionals have a stronger business case for going forward.”

Learning and development professionals can find further details including the full portfolio of leadership development titles at traininaday.

by Carl Duncker

News: Free E-Learning and Mobile Learning

Of course, the prime motivation in offering this e-learning for free is to allow learners the benefit of rediscovering their learning either back at work on their desktop or on the go on their mobile.

Each e-learning training course includes professionally narrated training videos and quizzes which test the learner on their knowledge.

Management Skills

We are delighted to announce that all our core management skills are now available as online learning modules on Udemy.

This allows for a blended learning approach to your training needs with clients receiving the relevant modules free when they hire an external trainer.

The courses cover the ‘knowledge’ element of these core management and people development skills using HD video with professional narration and quizzes which test learning.

Additionally, all courses come with MP3 to download, a full student manual and mind maps and cheat sheets.

communication skills training image
communications skills launched on Udemy

Communication Skills Training

The first e-learning course to launch is Communication Skills: How To Improve Your Communication Skills In One Day.

From an initial overview the course covers verbal and non-verbal communication skills, listening skills, questioning skills and appreciative enquiry.

FREE Learning For 50 Users

To celebrate the launch we are offering free access to the first 50 users who claim the coupon code COMMSFREE50

The course is accessible at https://www.udemy.com/communication-skills-course/

So go and claim your free e-learning now before someone gets there first.

by Carl Duncker

Train in a Day are delighted to announce that their teamwork training courses are now available as online and mobile learning on the Udemy platform.

For learners, this means that their classroom teamwork training day can be supplemented by additional online content which reinforces the learning and improves the return on investment. Alternatively, these team-building tutorials can be acquired as stand alone online training courses to view on desktop, mobile or tablet at cost-effective prices.

All recipients of classroom training courses from Train in a Day receive the online learning complimentary. This allows for a blended learning solution to those managers and employees who wish to improve the performance of their teams.

teamwork courses image
teamwork training online

Building High Performing Teams

These newly launched teamwork courses share the knowledge aspects of how to build high-performing teams using professionally narrated video and quizzes which challenge the learner throughout the course.

These tutorials are one part of an expanded range of management and people development training courses available on our Udemy channel.

For those learners on the move, the full teamwork training course has an MP3 download for use on any type of media player. Additionally, a student training manual aids learners as they progress through the course and mind maps and cheat sheets simplify learning quickly and effectively.

Free Team-Building Skills Training

We are celebrating the launch of thise team-building tutorial with free access for the first 50 learners. This can be accessed by visiting the Udemy Teamwork Course and then applying the coupon code TEAMFREE50. Spaces are strictly limited and demand is high.

So go and secure your e-learning in how to build teams now before this offer expires. Best of luck!

by Carl Duncker

Train In A Day Celebrates 10th Year

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Train in a Day, 10 unique offers will be offered to customers, one each month for ten months for additional return on training investment.

On February 12, 2014, Train in a Day will begin celebrating ten years of success in the learning and development industry. This leading training organization will kick off the celebration by offering customers one unique offer, each month, for the next ten months.

Introduction To Marketing Training

These special offers begin with a £300 discount for the popular ‘Introduction to Marketing’ course when ordered before the 28th of February. This course can be delivered onsite at customer’s premises, or a suitable offsite training facility. The ‘Introduction to Marketing’ course is available for up to twelve learners.

marketing training offer
Celebrate 10 years with unique training offers

Carl Duncker, CEO, comments, “We have been very blessed by the clients we have worked with over the first 10 years. We’d like to share this success further by offering these amazing offers throughout 2014. Whether your organisation seeks management training, marketing training or better leadership skills, there will be something for every learning professional to secure a high return on investment.”

Train in a Day in house training is available for the UK and beyond. Learning opportunities for management and team members include management, leadership, marketing and social media education. For further training, learners can take advantage of Train in a day’s free e-learning and training videos. A Certificate of Attendance is issued for every six hours of training by leading trainers who are experienced, personable and knowledgeable.

The Training offered by Train in a Day is unique in that it is specially designed intensive training that offers learners everything they need to know in one day, without having to learn what is not needed to succeed in the particular topic. All training is risk free, although no refunds have ever been requested due to the high quality of the education offered and the dynamic way it is presented.

£300 discount off on-site #marketing #training this February. http://t.co/N8UDO1Ks7t http://t.co/rIi005AtDy

— Training Manager (@TrainingMgrs) February 11, 2014

About Train in a Day: The mission of Train in a Day is to deliver cost effective one day training course. As an established provider of one day courses in management, and leadership, Train in a Day offers virtual learning environments for popular training courses.

They also offer in house management training and on site training courses for team members.

£300 Discount: In-house Marketing Course

marketing training offer
Celebrate 10 years with unique training offers

As part of our 10 year celebrations, we are delivering 10 fantastic training offers to new and existing customers.

February sees a £300 discount on all our flagship ‘Introduction to Marketing‘ course. Delivered on your premises, you can now train up to 12 learners in essential marketing techniques from £797.

What Do I Need To Do To Claim My Discount?

Complete the training enquiry on the right of this page and we’ll call to confirm your saving. You’ll need to hurry though. This training offer is live for bookings until 28th February 2014.

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Hello, my name is Carl. I'm here to answer any questions you have about your training inquiry and get it to you in less than 60 seconds! Hit a button below or book an appointment for telephone consultations with one of our experts today so we can start this project off right together - thanks!!