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Discover How Your Business Can Embrace Digital Marketing, Conquer Social Media, Dominate Google And More On These Digital Marketing Courses

Discover How to Acquire Customers, Generate Leads and Convert Prospects into Returning Customers, Online and Offline, with 1-day Marketing Courses

Marketing Training Courses

Interested in one-day marketing courses? Train In A Day deliver the UK’s best-value marketing training courses. Covering key elements of marketing, these training courses deliver the very best in marketing practice led by experienced marketing trainers. These inhouse marketing courses promise value for money, develop your marketing skills and help grow your revenue. Our marketing training includes…

Essential Marketing Course

Discover What Marketing Is, How To Grow Business, Position Your Company Correctly and Great Marketing Promotional Techniques. This Basic Marketing Course is perfect for those new to marketing and marketing teams looking to brush up on fundamental marketing techniques.

Brand Marketing

Discover What Brand Marketing Is, Why Branding Is More Than A Logo, Tools To Develop Your Brands, How To Create Your Branding Campaign, Strategies For Branding, and How To Exploit Your Brands For Growth. This Brand Marketing Course is aimed at current marketing managers and executives who need an introduction to brand marketing and how to grow brands.

Digital Marketing Training Courses

There is a complete suite of digital marketing training courses available offering the digital marketer a full range of skills development. Our core portfolio of digital marketing training includes:

Content Marketing Course

Learn How To Develop A Content Marketing Strategy For Your Organisation With Proven Content Marketing Techniques. This Content Marketing Course delivers structured learning and in-house training for marketing teams and marketing managers. It is offered to marketing practitioners to design a content marketing strategy and implement this as part of their digital marketing mix.

Google SEO Training Course

Discover How To Achieve Google Page 1 Rankings For Your Website Using Cutting-Edge SEO and Search Engine Marketing. This Google SEO course, for both business owners, marketing managers and web designers, will be beneficial to those looking to improve their Google rankings with on-site optimisation techniques.

Google AdWords Course

Discover How To Increase Revenue, Increase Brand Awareness, Create Effective Google AdWords Campaigns, How To Have Your Advert On Page 1 in 15 minutes, and Secrets That Reduce Your AdWords Spend. Discover more on this Google AdWords training


These one-day digital marketing courses empower learners to go and make the most from the opportunities the digital world can provide. Whether it is dominating Google, gaining a loyal and viral following, exploiting link-building through digital PR or simply formalising your social media strategy you will be handed the latest proven techniques and skills in digital marketing.

One-day courses do offer an unrivalled level of cost-effectiveness and return on investment that traditional learning struggles to match. By having these digital marketing courses delivered in-house, on your premises, you save even more. Training benefits include:

  • Brand awareness through an improved digital marketing campaign
  • More customer enquiries through higher Google rankings
  • Better word-of-mouth from social media referals
  • Increased productivity of your digital marketing activity
  • Engaging content for your users

The digital marketing training courses delivered by Train In A Day can be delivered on your premises on a day to suit your team. We come to you with everything we need to run an effective digital marketing training day. All we ask are that your team are willing to learn the latest in effective digital marketing techniques.  Furthermore, you will receive a certificate of attendance which can count towards your CPD hours of a relevant professional organisation.

Digital marketing is the new marketing. No longer will marketers be able to hide behind a lack of measurement. The tools available to the marketer today mean that everything than and should be planned, executed and developed with a focus on delivering a return for your organisation. With this measurement comes a wealth of information and testing on what a best-practice digital marketing campaign should look like. All our courses take you through the proven fundamentals of a specific digital marketing arena leaving you with the confidence to implement your knowledge the next day – having learn’t how to do digital marketing.

Carl Duncker is ranked #1 for digital marketing consultant, so he knows a thing or two about digital marketing. A professional trainer since 2004, he imparts his knowledge in a no-nonsense and refreshing manner that is a change from the drab ‘corporate’ training you may have received. Carl loves to share his knowledge with courses in digital marketing and is driven to help others improve themselves and their organisation. Carl delivers his digital marketing training exclusively for SkillsPacks.


Carl Duncker is both a Chartered Marketer and a renowned trainer in digital marketing. Nationally, Carl has an enviable portfolio of marketing clients across commercial and public sector organisations. Clients testify that Carl has a fresh and down-to-earth style which learners appreciate. A time-served marketing professional, Carl’s energy to share his experience with others shines through in his training style.

Carl is a Google Partner and a Chartered Marketer of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and brings a wealth of experience to your marketing problems.


Our unique approach to blended learning starts with video training.  Digital marketing is a discipline where practitioners cannot afford to stand still. If you feel you would like to brush up your digital marketing skills we impart the most important knowledge with online learning. Video tutorials walk you through the fundamental strategies in digital marketing. Uniquely, we offer learners the opportunity to develop their digital knowledge in the classroom with a digital marketing training seminar. Lasting 6 hours, the entire day’s content is led by an experienced marketing trainer whose sole objective is to develop your internet marketing skills – whether it be through case studies, games, problem-solving or any other relevant training intervention.  Contact a training consultant and let’s see how we can progress your skills together.

Interested in undertaking a one-day marketing course? SkillsPacks specialises in delivering marketing training courses that cover the key elements of marketing. Affordable yet delivering the best in marketing practice from well-respected marketing trainers and facilitators, these one day marketing courses build your skills and grow your business. Our marketing courses give participants the opportunity to learn about new, contemporary marketing techniques and enhance their current marketing skills. Courses last just one working day, thus affording participants a much greater degree of flexibility compared with other courses that span several sessions. By undertaking any of Train in a Day’s in-house marketing courses your company and staff should enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Improved employee esteem due to increased specialist knowledge
  • Improved productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Increased competitive advantage
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Increased sales

These benefits, coupled with the inherent flexibility of one-day marketing courses, add up to SkillsPacks’ courses being an attractive prospect for any organisation.

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